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. >>mark: jerry sandusky has waived his preliminary hearing. this will send him for work to trial on charges of child sex abuse. his accusers were expected to testify today. >>reporter: new developments at the courthouse, the former assistant coach of penn state's university, a jury sandusky is accused of more than 50 talents of child molestation. he was expected to trial in a preliminary hearings, the judges was set to uphold the charges. sandusky are right earlier this morning with his wife maintaining his innocence in this matter on all counts. this morning, he arrived at the courthouse as and as soon as the proceedings started, he waived his rights to a preliminary hearing. that means that he will go directly to trial. one of the attorneys for victim number 1 is present at the courthouse and said all of that victim was not here, there are now 11 alleged victims in this case. they will be testifying unless there is a plea deal offered and accepted. as of today, there has been no plea agreement. the defense team cut is telling us, that any xi deal would mean life in prison for t
is the third man to come forward, two additional voice came forward. >>darya: jerry sandusky is behind bars for a second time facing new charges in the sex abuse allegations after two more alleged victims have come forward including one who says he screamed in vain for help while sandusky attacked him in a basement bedroom. these are now the ninth and 10th man who were just little boys when they say they were molested by sandusky. they say that it was a part of his second mile charity for troubled youths that exposed them to sandusky. his attorney says he is still optimistic. >> gary--jerry is asking what is next. it can get worse, but you have to be qr. and we will be. >>darya: sandusky claims he is not a pedophile. a preliminary hearing is set for next week. sandusky is sitting in a jail cell, unable to pay its $250,000 bail. >>mark: local it is counting down the days until he has to report to prison. he was sentenced to 14 years in prison, he was convicted of 18 counts of corruption including trying to sell or trade president obama is former u.s. senate seat. he will be eligible for earl
coach jerry sandusky had just arrived at the courthouse in pennsylvania to face his accusers and the child sex abuse case. he faces more than 50 criminal counts. what will happen today is a part of the pre- trial hearing and the judge will determine if there is enough information to take the case for. we will provide updates all morning long on kron4. right now we want to go live to the port of oakland where protesters seem to have vacated the area. we will keep you updated on the situation there when we come right back. @Ñ [music] >> mark: our top story, occupy protesters claim victory this morning after sitting out the port open for the second time in less in two months. he w the maps in a moment it was sunny this afternoon and we have highs near 60 that will be nice and once again as we head into the overnight freezing cold weather to blanket the bay area. let us get to the maps. these are the temperatures that have been registered in the last 10 minutes. >>james: we have on her half mile visibility for the areas in an orange and a quarter of a mile visibility for the are
the child sex abuse charges surfaced against jerry sandusky. the money will be used to bridge for research projects in engineering and other disciplines. the university says it will use in part to recruit and retain--were crude and obtained top students and faculty. >>darya: we are back with more in just a couple of minutes to. we are focusing on the weather as the storm moves out. here is a look at the james lick in san francisco. we will be right back. costs >>mark: here is a live look from the nasdaq this morning. here's a look at what we are expecting to date. a huge drop in the number of americans filing for unemployment. the smallest number we have seen in three years with only three of its 66,000 americans filing. dow futures are up 111 points. michael course, the clothing maker is one of the many companies going public. this is the biggest week for ipos on wall street in four years. >>erica: we are tracking the san mateo bridge as a potential hot spot. within the past couple of minutes i have seen several emergency vehicles including chp cruisers rushing to the scene. we're current
scandal. jerry sandusky is accused of sexually abusing a series of voice is trying to defend herself on camera and in print. spoke. >> to say i am not attracted to boys is not the truth. i am attracted to young people boys, girls i enjoy spending time with young people. item written with people. my favorite groups are the elderly and the young. of molestation and read a number of blind i i i i i i i i i i i i'm i i i'm being endicott but it burned by the nfl heine >> and sutton agreed this fetus in it machine looks perhaps were now in beltran are hot today bridge. this was a cabinet involving a number of vehicles. and now or later dance said a couple of messrs. kinnear off fat off off half
child sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. on the stand mccrery says he saw sandusky in a sexual position with a boy and he truly believes what he saw in that sense it locker room in 2002 was intercourse. right now, mccrery is to testify against very shultz can to mccrery. they're both charged with lying to a grand jury in failing to score for liver for what mccrery allegedly told them. their lawyers say that those men are in a sense and contesting the statements. the judge will decide if state prosecutors have enough evidence against the fear to send them to trial. we will continue to follow what is happening and i will keep you posted right here on the kron4 news. stay with us. >>darya: and idaho man accused of shooting at the white house will stand trial after being declared mentally competent. the officials say that he fired shots into the white house on november 11th with an assault rifle. he was captured in pennsylvania five days later and has been in jail ever since. he is charged with attempted assassination of president obama even though he was not in the whi
then took his own life. >>darya: accusations of child sex abuse against jerry sandusky are raising questions about whether his wife knew about the alleged abuse. one accuser told the grand jury that his wife was at home when he was screaming for help while sandusky was attacking him in a basement bedroom. she called the accusations false and says her husband is innocent. this is video of sandusky arriving home yesterday after posting bail and was released from jail yesterday. and he faces dozens of charges stemming from accusations against boys that he assaulted them on penn state property and elsewhere. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a program reminder, the countdown to 2012, the countdown is under way. we will bring you the fireworks around the bay and show you a ring in the new year around the world. the >>george: we have been tracking a hot spot on the nimitz freeway 880 northbound. here is a look at traffic headed past high street. see believe it or not, all four lanes have been opened in the northbound direction. they did manage to get the no. 3 and no. 4 la
by president obama. prosecutors are pushing for a 15-20 year prison sentence. >>darya: the lawyer for jerry sandusky says that he is a prepared to question any accusers. so he says that he is looking forward for the chance to face victims in court. at least one victim is expected to testify. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a 15 year period of time. and >>darya: we are back with more in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the bay bridge. the approach is free, clear and easy. we will be right back. costs >>darya: the big chill is our big story. here is a live look at current temperatures. pick out your favorite city or the one you wish you were not in right now. in fairfield it is so cold! 29 degrees is a new low. 31 degrees in santa rosa. you can see the 30's sprinkled around the bay right now. jackie sissel has been out sampling temperatures in marin county and telling us what it feels like. good morning. >>jackie: it is a dry cold, does that make sense? it is 37 degrees. it has been as low as 35. we are approaching freezing temperatures. i would not be
: in the national news, jerry sandusky is facing an alleged sex abuse victim in court. his arrest came last week when two new victims came forward bring the total number to 10. he is looking at a total of 50 charges in the sex abuse scandal, this after a grand jury report what the public detailing dozens of charges of child rape and molestation. >>darya: 5:50 a.m., we're back with more and a couple of minutes. they are headed to the port of oakland trying to shut it down. >>mark: a cold day in the mid '50s with morning fog tomorrow. a slight chance of rain expected on thursday. a fairly quiet week. clouds, a son scanned a chance of showers. >>darya: hollywood has stumbled through its worst to weekends at the box office. normally around this time of year business starts picking up. babbitt new year's eve was the number- one movie but only made a 13 million. that is not a huge debut. this has and hilary swank, halle berry, ashton kutcher, sarah jessica parker and the kitchen sink. the comedy with john a hell called the sitter was at no. 2 and a breaking don was in the no. 3 spot. and these are not
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9